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What is commonly known physiotherapy? This is a significant and extremely important part of medical science with many therapeutic methods in its achievements, starting from manual therapy, through special techniques using various accessories, myofascial techniques, various forms of massage, ending up with exercises to improve well-being, muscle strength and range of motion in the joints. Broadly understood physiotherapy undertakes health challenges such as: craniocerebral trauma, fractures, muscle strain, joint damage, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal pain, posture defects and many other ailments. Correctly conducted therapy assumes a thorough medical history, complete functional diagnostics based on a number of orthopedic and neurological tests as well as properly performed therapy, targeted at the main problem. A wide range of constantly emerging new and changing existing methods allows for the training of a qualified team of therapists who treat the body as a whole and not just a part of the system, which perfectly meshes with the philosophy of osteopathy.


An innovative method in the field of manual medicine, whose creator is a Pole Radosław Składowski M.D. It draws its main assumptions from eastern acupuncture and acupressure, western reflexology, as well as massage and some myofascial techniques. This combination has created one comprehensive therapeutic method which, through pressure and stimulation of specific areas of the body using the so-called pins, stimulates the skin and deeper fascia, muscles and ligaments. It stimulates the nervous system, which, by reflex relaxation, affects tense areas in the body and reduces pain. Pins or copper nails are used for the therapy of orthopedic and neurological disorders, i.e. headache, back pain, overload, myofascial pains, post-traumatic conditions, scars, degenerative changes and many others. In response to therapy, the body is able to relieve tension and stress accumulated in the body, while regulating the potential and nerve conduction, and the functioning of many body systems.

Duration: 30 minutes | Price according to basic health insurance (Grundversicherung)

Private appointment: 50 CHF.-

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